1. What I Like (Tom Marquet curated “Read the Recap, Skip the Show” reviewed in City Paper)

    (via Read the review, skip the recap and the show at Guest Spot - citypaper.com)

  2. What I Am Up (Honored to be one of the hundred photographers to be featured on Selektor Magazine, heres to the inclusion of more women in the next hundred they feature)


    100 photographers on Tumblr

    (FR) Commencé en février, le répertoire des photographes recommandés compte à présent 100 photographes. Pour fêter ça, les voici tous réunis dans un slideshow de presque 10 minutes, et n’oubliez pas les enfants, toujours créditer les artistes:

    (EN) Started in February, the directory of recommended photographers now has 100 photographers. To celebrate, here they are all together in a slideshow of nearly 10 minutes, and remember kids, always credit the artists:

    1. Rickard Aall
    2. Ethan Aaro Jones
    3. Delaney Allen
    4. Adam Amengual
    5. Ben Anderson
    6. Daniel Arnold
    7. Peter Baker
    8. Adam Bellefeuil
    9. Charles Bouchaib
    10. Matt Bower
    11. Timothy Briner
    12. William James Broadhurst
    13. Steven Brooks
    14. Jared Buschang
    15. João Canziani
    16. Elias Carlson
    17. Alex Catt
    18. Carlos Chavarría
    19. Cody Cobb
    20. Grant Cornett
    21. Clayton Cotterell
    22. Alex Crétey Systermans
    23. Stevie Dacanay
    24. Lindsay D’Addato
    25. Jonathan Deltour
    26. Bobby Doherty
    27. Cédric Dubus
    28. Jessica Eaton
    29. Clemens Fantur
    30. Michael David Friberg
    31. Paul Garcia
    32. Viktor Gardsater
    33. Vincent Glielmi
    34. Patrick Gookin
    35. Emiliano Granado
    36. Grégoire Grange
    37. Anna Paola Guerra
    38. Carl Gunhouse
    39. Sam A. Harris
    40. Osma Harvilahti
    41. William Hess
    42. Todd Hido
    43. Alexi Hobbs
    44. Peter Hoffman
    45. Theron Humphrey
    46. Tristan Hutchinson
    47. Patrick Joust
    48. Mikael Kennedy
    49. Stacy Kranitz
    50. Sannah Kvist
    51. Winslow Laroche
    52. Jack Latham
    53. Dominique Legrand
    54. Matthieu Litt
    55. Thomas Locke Hobbs
    56. Erik Lovold
    57. Shane Lynam
    58. Ross Mantle
    59. Alex Matzke
    60. Julien Mauve
    61. Michael Christopher McCraw
    62. Nich Hance McElroy
    63. Greg Miller
    64. Bobby Mills
    65. Nguan
    66. Stephanie Noritz
    67. Paccarik Orue
    68. Nathan Osterhaus
    69. Ed Panar
    70. Steven Paneccasio
    71. Laura Pannack
    72. Sarah Pannell
    73. Dany Peschl
    74. John Francis Peters
    75. Mark Power
    76. Missy Prince
    77. Thomas Prior
    78. Ernest Protasiewicz
    79. Andrew Querner
    80. Benjamin Rasmussen
    81. Patrick Romero
    82. Chris Round
    83. Whitten Sabbatini
    84. Iain Sarjeant
    85. Bryan Schutmaat
    86. Olivier Seignette
    87. Daniel Shea
    88. David Simonton
    89. Alex JD Smith
    90. Smithyphoto
    91. Rob Stephenson
    92. Sean Stewart
    93. Wouter Van de Voorde
    94. Maurice Van Es
    95. Thorir Vidar
    96. Cyrille Weiner
    97. Harley Weir
    98. Mark Wickens
    99. Geordie Wood
    100. Michael Wriston

    Photographers A-Z page

    Selektor Magazine


  4. What I Like (Lauren Portada’s show in Summit NJ featured on Nj.com)

    (via Lauren Portada’s ‘Boggy Soggy Squitchy Pictures’ exhibit at Kent Place Gallery | NJ.com)

  5. What I like (Ken Johnson taking it to Ryan McGinley in the Times)

    (via Ryan McGinley: ‘Yearbook’ - NYTimes.com)

  6. What I Am Up To (I am in a group show with Willson Cummer, Sandy Johnson, Stuart Thomas, Anne Massoni, & Chris Rodriguez at The CVA Gallery at Brookdale Community College curated by my old boss Geanna Merola and my old grad student John Vigg)

  7. What I Am Up To (The issue of Paper Safe I co-edited with Trevor Powers is now out)

    (via CatLABS of JP — Papersafe Issue #03: The World and the Totality of Facts (pre-order))

  8. What I Like (Kristine Potter on Muse)

    (via Kristine Potter: Manifest at Daniel Cooney Fine Art | Musee)


  9. What I Like (Diane Arbus)


    A genuinely remarkable conversation between Studs Terkel and Diane Arbus, from 1968. The conversation is surprisingly - even shockingly - forthright for an artist whose estate has worked so hard to ensconce Arbus in a shroud of mystery and recalcitrant genius.

    Diane Arbus - Marcella Matthaei - 1969

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  10. What I Am Up To (Posting Good Pictures From Thomas Prior on Searching for the Light)

    (via Searching for the Light: Good Pictures From Thomas Prior)

  11. What I Am Up (Reviewing Noel Camardo’s book Los Angeles on Searching for the Light “I’ve been spending a lot of time with Leo Rubinfien’s Garry Winogrand retrospective and thinking a lot about street photography. In particular, Rubenfien argues that Winogrand’s late pictures from Los Angeles are a quality body of work and not, as Szarkowski argues, an unfinished problem left incomplete by Winogrand’s untimely death. During my falling into a wormhole of Winogrand pictures, out of nowhere Mr. Camardo was nice enough to send me a copy of his new book of LA street work, and my first thought was, wow, Camardo kills Winogrand’s later pictures. Granted, I fall on the Szarkowski end of the debate over Winogrand’s later work, but still, if Winogrand had ended up with Camardo’s images, there would be no doubt of the quality of his late photographs.”)

    (via Searching for the Light: Book Review of Noel Camardo, Los Angeles)

  12. What I Am Up To (Posting Good Pictures From Adam Neese on Searching for the Light)

    (via Searching for the Light: Good Pictures From Adam Neese)

  13. What I Am Up To (Reviewing Yasi Ghanbari @ Nurture Art on Searching For Light “I am not sure what Yasi Ghanbari has against Tom from Toms Shoes, the liberal company that sells stuff and uses some of the profits to help poor people (apparently there is no Tom, just a guy named Blake). But I love that the art she makes really seems, in a cryptic way, to be sticking it to Tom/Blake. … I do love that the work has an edge and is taking on things beyond the art world. It is not something you often see in the Brooklyn art scene.”)

    (via Searching for the Light: Yasi Ghanbari, YO! I’m Your C.E.O. @ Nurture Art)

  14. What I Am Up To (Reviewing Stephen Shore @ 303 Gallery on Searching for the Light “Oh shit, Stephen muther fukin’ Shore is back, the man who launched 90% of MFA photography students in the mid 2000’s! No, not making indulgent iBooks, not making incomprehensible dry work about Venice. No, mark your calendars, the man is back, and to be the man you need to beat the man (to quote Rick Flair). Alex Soth, I feel the ball is your court, because this is the best straight, traditional, what have you, photography show that I’ve see in some time, as well as the best example of what is possible from an artist who is already on top of the mountain. This is on some Rick Ruben, Johnny Cash shit. I can’t stress enough that this is a killer show, and there is an equally impressive book that goes with it.”)

    (via Searching for the Light: Stephen Shore @ 303 Gallery)

  15. What I Am Up To (Reviewing Paul Graham @ Pace Gallery on Searching For The Light “Well, he is back, and by back I mean to his old ways, which is his right, I suppose. The show is the mix of three unrelated series interspersed in a creative hanging, not unlike the hanging of Shimmer. It has rainbows, storefronts in an outer borough and an African American woman or women asleep in colorful sheets. Now, I guess from the small bed and the sparse walls, the women could call one of these less than fancy streets home and the rainbows are? …. a hackneyed metaphor for a better tomorrow? I am not sure, and looking at the work, I don’t have a lot of confidence that Graham does either. There are some nice pictures, the rainbows are pretty and universally strong images. The streets and women have some strong individual images, but the repetitive nature of the series isn’t supported by the quality of the pictures and feels like a bad hangover from the Beecher-influenced conceptual series from the 90’s. But maybe he is just doing a master class on a photographic style I don’t like. Either way, it’s work of a certain quality that stayed with me for a while after I saw the show. I am pretty sure I don’t like it, but I am still interested in it.”)

    (via Searching for the Light: Paul Graham, Does Yellow Run Forever @ Pace Gallery)