1. What I Like (Panal talk on the Garry Winogrand show at the Met)

  2. What I Bought (Alex Crétey Systemans issue of Slektor Magazine)

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  3. What I Bought (Pear Issue One: New York City Preliminary Ideas and Correspondences?! Jan-Jun 2014 aka The First Six Months Wow Time Flies! by Robert Alan grand)

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  4. What I Bought (Memory Full Volume 4: Summer 2014 by Trevor Powers featuring Calvin Lee, Chris Fowler, Ben McNutt, Annie Sollinger, Justin Visnesky, Paige Mazurek, Philip Tomaru, and Yasi Ghanbari)

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  5. What I Like (Zak Arctander on Vice)

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  6. What I like (an interview with Andrew Miksys)



    Over the past ten years Seattle born photographer Andrew Miksys has been documenting the village discos of rural Lithuania. Miksys first visited Lithuania to see family in the 1990’s shortly after the collapse of the USSR. He admits having little interest in going there at the time,…

  7. What I Am Up To (you can purchase my Interleave and see my contribution to the Oranbeg Press NET series at HumanNYC (110 Meserole Ave. Brooklyn, NY) July 17th-22nd)

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  8. What I Am Up To (reviewing Fahrenheit 451 & Shai Hulud at Saint Vitus on Jun 7th on In Effect Fanzine)

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  9. What I Am Up To (Reviewing The Rival Mob, Blacklisted, Give, Stick Together, No Tolerance, World War 4 & Disengage @ Le Poisson Rouge, June 7th on In Effect Fanzine)

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  10. What I Like (Paul Graham talking Garry Winogrand in the New Yorker)

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  11. What I Like (Tim Davis talking about new work)

    Tim Davis talks about “Transit Byzantium”

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  12. What I Am Up To (getting a shout out on Jam Editions tumblr)


    Photographer Jason Würm is one of the three photographer collective (with Matthew Schenning and Carl Gunhouse) exhibiting their project “Work In Progress On In Progress Work” at the Center of Photography at Woodstock this summer. They were JAM Editions featured artists in March, 2014. He recently was kind enough to give me a copy of his beautifully printed limited edition catalog for the exhibition published under his own imprint Waal-Boght Press which is based in Brooklyn and publishes annually with a focus on straight photography. The catalog is currently available at the Center of Photography at Woodstock. Its nice to contrast the work in print and online at the group’s excellent Tumblr: http://dtwnbklyn.tumblr.com/

    The exhibition is up through August 31st and makes for a perfect summer day-trip if you are in the area. 

    Additional links:

    Work In Progress On In Progress Work at the CPW website

  14. What I Like (Wafaa Bilal on Hyperallergic)

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  15. What I Like (Giancarlo T. Roma talking Garry Winogrand in Vice)

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