1. What I Am Up To (Couldn’t be prouder to in The New York Times along with Jason John Würm & Matthew Schenning)

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  2. What I Up To (Very proud to be curated by Enrico Gomez for his show “A Clean, Well-LIghted Place” on The Tale Tellers with rad people like Maureen Drennan & Sara Jones)

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  3. What I Like (The Camera Club of New York’s Benefit Auction is live online featuring the likes of Chris Rodriguez, Joesph Maida, and me)

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  4. What I Like (very proud to be Selektor Magazine tumblr)


    Carl Gunhouse


    Photographers A-Z

    Selektor Magazine

  5. What I Like (Matthew Schenning, Jason John Würm, and Me in the Brooklyn Paper for our project on downtown brooklyn)

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  6. Tanks by Lucas Thorpe http://lucasthorpe.com/
    Jesper Nørbæk http://jespernorbak.com/
    Jesper Nørbæk http://jespernorbak.com/
    Sarah Michelle Riisager http://sarahriisager.com/
    Sarah Michelle Riisager http://sarahriisager.com/
    Sarah Michelle Riisager http://sarahriisager.com/
    Matthew Schenning http://www.schenning.com/
    Matthew Schenning http://www.schenning.com/
    Falling Apart by Carl Gunhouse Published by Waal-Boght Press http://waalboghtpress.info/ http://www.carlgunhousephoto.com/

    What I Like (my book Falling Apart being On JAM Editions tumblr)


    Here are the books/zines I picked up at the Camera Club of New York's 5th Annual Zine and Self-Published Photo Book Fair this weekend at Foley Gallery

    "Falling Apart" by Carl Gunhouse
    Published by Waal-Boght Press

    "Tanks" by Lucas Thorpe

    "How Is This Moment" by Jesper Nørbæk

    "Clouds" by Sarah Michelle Riisager

    "Not So Sure Vol. 1" by Matthew Schenning

  7. What I Bought (Peter Berg “Plastic Trust” at The CCNY Photo Book & Zine Fair)

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  8. What I Bought (Matthew Schenning “Not So Sure Vol.1” at The CCNY Photo Book & Zine Fair)

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  9. What I Bought (Sincere Auto Care by Justine Kurland)

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  10. What I Bought (Fascinations 212-555-5555 photo zine at The CCNY Photo Book & Zine Fair)

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  11. What I Like (Rory Mulligan on Vice)

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  12. What I Like (new Rory Mulligan work)

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  13. What I Like (Thomas McGovern on F295)

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  14. What I Am Up To (proud to by interviewed on The Photographer Discloses)

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    What I Am Up To (I am psyched to be interviewed in The Heavy Collective today)



    What part of the planet would you like to explore? 
    Top left corner of the continental US. I’ve been as far northwest as Minnesota and as far north as the bottom of Idaho, but missed the rest. Which seems like a wide beautiful space of fracking boomtowns, the forest from Endor and just a chunk of the country I’ve never seen. Also I’d like to make it to Alaska & Hawaii, which seem just otherworldly. I haven’t been out on the road in a bit, but I feel it’s only a matter of time until I get out to at least the top left of the country. Have you recently been living by any life philosophy? Ha-ha, yeah, funny enough I have been living the adult life I would have most wanted at 16. For the last year plus, I’ve been regularly shooting hardcore (punk) shows and indie (professional) wrestling, so I guess that’s a philosophy. I am still straight edge and vegetarian, but they’re not terribly recent life choices. Who would you most like to see embarrass themselves? I wish nothing but dignity for all people. But I am going to say Geoff DeCicco, my oldest friend. When we lived together in college, pretended to go out, only to wait in our bathroom for half an hour with his now wife, so he could jump out from behind our fridge in a Chewbacca costume and scare the shit out of me. I feel he has it coming. Name a design flaw in the human body. I kind of wish I could just output prints from pictures I made with my eyes. I am not sure which orifice I would like the prints to come out of, but it would make my life better. Describe the most important photo you’ve seen. I immediately went important to me, as opposed to all humanity, and even then I can’t really think of a specific picture. But I spent a lot of time as a kid with my little sisters making slide shows of my mother’s photographs from her life before she had us. Or Justine Demetrick’s fanzine Intermission, particularly issue #3. Both made me want to pick up a camera for the first time. 


    What is it that interests you about photography? 
    I think it’s kind of the general thing that is interesting about all art. I don’t think I am alone in feeling that everything has been done and there is nothing truly surprising or different left to do. Until someone does it, and there is that wonder and amazement that there exists this completely different way of making art that I never even considered. What Was The Last Crime You Witnessed? Oh this year, I saw a guy get chased out of a cellphone store on the Fulton mall in downtown Brooklyn and then get caught and arrested by a bunch of cops. Before that, I saw some pretty bloody rioting in Varanasi, India, around 2000. Oh, and I got mugged twice after that in grad school, the last time at gunpoint, so I guess I witnessed that. If you had to align yourself with a leader in history, who would it be? I guess as a straight edge, vegetarian democrat, I’ll say Ian MacKaye, Ray Cappo, and Jimmy Carter. Also I can highly recommend the Carter Library in Atlanta. Carter is a much-underrated president. Also just saw New York Mayor Bill de Blasio enjoy the Bad Brains from the side of the stage at this year’s Afro Punk Fest, so I am pretty high on him right now. 

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