1. Stuff I Wrote (In an interview with Chris Mottalini from We Don’t Owe You A Thing Fanzine #1

    "So how is the chicken doing and can you get into how you came to own a chicken in Greenpoint Brooklyn?

    As far as I know, the chicken, a.k.a. Frankenhen, is doing just fine.  Basically, we were watching the last game of the World Series at a bar in the neighborhood, the night before the hurricane.  We saw the chicken hanging around outside the bar (pretty sure it escaped from the slaughterhouse down the street) and, as it was still there when we were leaving the bar, my girlfriend just picked it up and we took it home to ride out the hurricane.  We set up a little makeshift coop for it in the kitchen and had a pretty good time with the little guy.  We thought it was a rooster at first, but once we started finding eggs, we realized we were obviously not too knowledgeable in the hen vs. rooster department. Through an article in Gothamist, the people at Farm Sanctuary (in the Finger Lakes) got in touch and drove down a few days later.  Now Frankenhen gets to live out her days with a bunch of other rescued farm animals and I still have people stop me on the street saying they saw me with the chicken in the New York Post.” on SearchingForTheLight.net)

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