1. What I Am Up To (Writing a review of Olivo Barbieri @ Yancey Richardson on Searching For The Light

    "Stunning stuff, but for who knows what reason, he insists on masking off sections of the pictures in photoshop and abstracting them. No wait, I know why he does this. It’s because good photographs are hard to talk about, and people love talking about technology and how much it has changed our world, as if they woke up every morning shocked to find that computers / phones can now bring you and endless source of information. These people all need to die, so young people who grew up not thinking twice about computers can make art and stop making us all sound like old people in those ads on TV for a CDR that will explain how to create a word document, and I assume, purchase AOL.")

    (via Searching for the Light: Olivo Barbieri, Alps – Geographies and People @ Yancey Richardson Gallery)

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